General FAQ

Q. Is this a replacement for an N95 mask? 

A. No, we are providing a crisis mask solution. This mask design is not intended to replace standard protective equipment when that equipment is available. N95 masks and surgical masks are FDA and NIOSH approved through time-intensive testing as ‘single-use, disposable devices’. Our masks can be cleaned for multi-use and have replaceable parts. Our goal is to research, test, and design protection devices and practices that are substantially better than a simple cloth bandana.

Q. Can I order these masks?

A. BEmask project designs are open source and available for anyone to produce for free. We encourage community efforts to fill local needs through localized manufacturing with attribution. We have developed small-scale local distribution in upstate, NY. Please review our distribution page from more information.

Masks will be produced by volunteers and available with a suggested donation to cover materials, manufacturing costs, and shipping.

Q. How much does it cost to create the mask? Can I sell it?

To produce each mask involves different start-up costs and materials (see table below). Our designs are open source and available for commercial use with attribution. Please review our license for more information.

InjectionVacuform3D PrintRecycle
Start-up Costs+$10000+$700+$300$0!
Materials Cost$8/mask$3/mask$8/mask$1/mask
Body Fabrication 1 min/mask3 min/mask10 hours5 min/mask
Assembly 10 minutes10 minutes10 minutes10 minutes

The BE mask is offered to the general public for general, non-medical purposes. We have developed designs in accord with FDA Emergency Use Authorization. The safety and efficacy of any mask depends on fitting, sanitization practices, and filter materials. All masks should be tested and fit to meet local needs and standards. Please see our user liability disclaimer for details.