BE Mask

To meet the immediate needs of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Buffalo community has joined forces with the international e-NABLE movement to create emergency personal protection equipment.


The BE Mask is a 3D-printable reusable mask with replaceable filter inserts. Derived from the Montana Mask, it incorporates improvements to materials, fit, assembly process, seal, structure, sizing, and filter cartridge design. For details, continue on the Design page.

3D Printing

Many printers may be suitable to print the BE mask in TPU, the material we recommend for the best results.  When it comes to settings, every printer is different.  We offer suggestions for several specific printer settings in our 3D Printing Page as well as general TPU print settings that may fit other brands. If you have success using a different printer or settings, please share your results on the BE Hub space.


The BE mask is assembled from several components, including a 3D printed mask body and filter frame, filter material, strapping materials, and optional gasket materials.  Follow instructions on our Assembly page.  Our clinical team is currently working on a series of video guides so please stay tuned!


There are many things to consider with personal protective equipment that influence efficiency and safety. We have researched materials and filter media, the correct fit on an individual’s face to make a good seal, and the sanitization practices. BE masks have undergone clinical fit tests in local hospitals and comparative pre-NIOSH filtration tests with N95 masks. We have submitted our PPE design to NIOSH for review. Our mask has been shared on the NIH 3D Print Exchange and is awaiting review from the VHA

The BE team includes biomedical engineers, health and safety administrators, 3D print specialists, filtration experts, and doctors who are committed to researching sanitization guidelines and testing the use and reuse of masks and filters. For details, continue on the Testing page.


This project began as an unusual alliance of university and healthcare faculty, staff, and practitioners, local business owners and public benefit 3D printing enthusiasts. It continues as a volunteer collaboration bridging the medical, academic, and industrial communities of Buffalo, NY with the e-NABLE online community of digital humanitarian volunteers across the world.  Join the BE Mask Community Forum and learn more about the e-NABLE volunteer network here, covering 160 chapters in almost 50 countries. For details, continue on our Community page.

The 3D printed mask information presented here is intended to assist the general public during the current global pandemic related to COVID-19 and the related nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment. Please be aware that this mask design is not intended to replace standard protective equipment such as N95 masks or surgical masks when that equipment is available. The use of these 3D printed masks has not been fully tested and has not been approved by federal or state authorities. The individuals associated with developing and producing this mask design assume no liability and make no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the safety, efficacy, or appropriate use of these masks in any particular situation. Each facility should test each batch of masks prior to relying on them for protection. Use of this information for any purpose is at the maker’s and user’s own risk.